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Friday, August 29, 2008

It's Official

I have 3 Right Brained Boys.

I had my doubts about our youngest (3). He seems so verbal, so able (for his age) to process linear thinking... But now I know. He's a performer, a writer, and possible anarchist, in the making.

He's been listen to his 7yo brother and me read the Captain Underpants series together. This has inspired him to tie an old red pj top of mine around his neck, strip to his underwear and run around being Capt. U. This is well within the range of normal 3yo behavior, in my experience. But then...

But then, today, he came to me and said "Did you know Captain Underpants has an evil twin?"
Me "?"
Him "Yes. And when you take off your cape and your underwear, then you're the evil twin" and then he showed us Captain Underpants EVIL TWIN.

So now you know. Beware the evil twin. ;-)

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