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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ideas for future posts

I've had so many ideas in the last months, but no time. Here's just a few of the things I'd like to blog about.

How to homeschool/unschool math
Our Odyssey of the Mind experiences
Our FLL Lego Robotics experiences
How to start homeschooling
How to unschool
Why each families' homeschooling approach is unique
Growing into ourselves
Ideas for not your average field trip
Where to have cheap fun in CO
Thrifty living
Finding your own style
Identifying your own values and ideals
How to get there from here?
What I've learned from homeschooling
What I've learned from coaching
What I want to learn
Why it's important to always be learning
When Mommy needs a time-out
Time-in - a better alternative
A Thomas Jefferson Education - unchooling classically?
Fostering a love of learning
Family learning
Why character is more important than facts
Educational guarantees - not
Crafting - lots of stuff here!
My "organizational" methods (humorous essay ;-))
Favorite on-line resources
Favorite homeschool shopping
What every child should know by age 12 (that they are loved, valuable, basic modern survival skills)
entrepreneurial kids
Kids, family, and music
living with passion

So, my readers (all two of you :-D ) what would you like me to blather on about first?

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