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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wanted: Normal Children.... nah

We're having a snow day today.

Yes. Even homeschoolers can have snow days, but they might not look like a school kids snow day. Actually, I don't think anybody's snowday could look like ours.
I'm pretty sure that's a good thing.

Setting the scene:
Me? I'm standing at the sink washing the fingerling potatoes we rescued from the garden a couple of weeks ago.

My 8 yo walks up to me to chat.

8yo: "Mom? What if there are free floating electrons? Are there ever electrons just hanging out but not attached to an atom?"

Me: "Yes, I think that's what electricity is, electrons moving."

8yo: "No, not moving. What if they're just floating around? Do they ever do that?"

Me: "Hey, are you going to build a snowman?"
(Notice how quick I am to get myself out of that one? There's more than one kind of smarts.)

8yo: "What about the electrons?"

11 yo walks up.

11yo: "My bomb just went off in the house. " (he sighs)

Me: "Did you clean it up?"
(I'm not too mad. Did you notice what a great distraction he provided? I'm not up to par with these #@! electrons.)

11yo: "I got it into the bathroom before it exploded. It could have been dangerous, but it was just messy."

Did you notice he didn't mention if he cleaned up?

8yo: "What would happen if there were free floating electrons?"

Me: "Do you need help zipping your coat?"

I still haven't looked at the bathroom.


Fatcat said...


I love it.

I have 2 similar boys.

April said...

I should mention, just in case Homeland Security reads this, the "bomb" was just a film canister filled with baking soda and vinegar. :-D

Jennifer Fink said...

I LOVE this post! And I absolutely love talking to other "boy moms," because you accept as normal all the things that other people in my life can't quite understand. :)

Deanna said...

April! I am laughing my head off right now.

After having spent the afternoon playing monster with your 5 yr old and 8 year old, I know how Mr. 8 yr old can spin things. Did he tell you he decided that once I caught him, he was a monster, but for Jamie's team? Hilarious. Love your kiddos. Think you're pretty great too.