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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Audio Finds

We're big fans of audio books and lectures here. I've written before about how we like to listen in the car, around town or on road trips. Mostly we've gotten stuff from the library, CD's, cassettes, and those little sound media players than you can just check out and stick your own ear buds into. We've also enjoyed podcasts from the likes of Car Talk, The Splendid Table, and Grammar Girl.

Recently I've found a couple of new resources. One of my groups posted a link to My Audio School. A homeschooling mom has pulled together an amazing group of free audio books (and some videos) available on-line. There's a subscription option, but about 25% of the content is listed free of charge. It's aimed at those interested in classical education. Great finds here!

Poking through that I discovered LibriVox. There are over 3000 recordings of books, recorded by volunteers and available for down load free of charge. LibriVox is entirely volunteer run and founded on the ideals of open source and open intellectual property. Pretty amazing! LibriVox has only offerings available in the public domain, so you'll still need the library or book store for Harry Potter and the like.

There's also the Net Library which is accessible through a local public library. Through Net Library you can check out audio books to down load and play on your computer or mobile device. I say "check out" because the books do expire.

What resources do you know about? I'm always looking for more!

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