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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Math videos

Someone asked on one of my lists about Fibonacci numbers. Recently my oldest has been complaining about pi, as if it was invented specifically to torment him.

Math is so interesting. It's fun!!

So I got on line to prove it. I started looking for videos that could explain in easy terms some of my fascination with mathematical concepts.

There is so much out there. I can't possibly include them all. Look for yourself.

Here are a some I found and liked.

Pi, Pi, Mathematical Pi
Mysterious Golden Mean
Using a Fibonacci Gage
Fibonacci and the Golden Mean


Laura said...

I have a son in Math Education -- he wants to be a math teacher. I'll have to tell him about those!

April said...

Yea for math teachers! Better yet, yea for GOOD math teachers! Getting kids excited about math is so important!