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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


IMG! I did it. I signed up for National Novel Writing Month. To be a winner I have to write 50,000 words in 30 days, the month of November. What have I done?

Am I insane? Yes, but this is only a small bit of the evidence.

There is a method to my madness. I've got a couple of kids who love to make and tell stories. I've learned that my kids are far more likely learn something if they do it, far more likely to do something if I do it too.

So, my 9 yo and I have signed up with NaNoWriMo. He's making much better progress than me. Of course he gets to set his own word goal, and adults have to write at least 50,000 words to win. AND I have to keep up with my daily responsibilities like feeding kids, keeping house, running errands, etc, while he gets to play legos and write, so he's got it easier than me. (Do I sound petulant? It's 'cause I am. ) The point is to just write, write so hard and fast that your internal editor just doesn't have time to block you. We're going for volume, and will do quality control later. We can spend the winter practicing our editing skills, but for now we're finding the cure to the perfectionism that keeps us from even trying to write.

Wish us luck!


Sue VanHattum said...

Wishing you luck. Maybe I'll try it next year. (Kick that internal editor's butt.) ;^)

Obery family said...

Well done! Good luck! Yes - write, write, write!