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Thursday, March 3, 2011


We got a new (to us) minivan last weekend. I'm kinda sad. I mean, we got a good deal, and it's a nice minivan. A really nice minivan. The nicest car I've ever had. It has leather seats. It has seat warmers. It has power everything. If I can figure it out, it has a hands free phone thingy. I haven't found the button that blows your nose for you, but I'm pretty sure it's there.

What this car doesn't have is a tape deck. We've been listening to Joy Hakim's "The History of US" on tape from the library. We're only on book 4. Do you see my problem? Hint - there's 11 books in the series. (Well, 10 books and a whole book of appendices) We're not done yet and the only tape player I own is in the old minivan whose hind end can not take one more blow. Seeing as how I like the kids who ride in the back of said crippled minivan, I can not in good conscience drive it just so we can finish listening to this series. (Can I?)

The new car does have a CD player, but the library doesn't have this on CD. I can't find it on the internet on CD. Grr.... But wait. The library does have an e-resource - netLibrary. The car does have an auxilary jack that will accept a music player....

And so again life as we know it, or at least my happiness, is saved by the awesome powers of the internet and the WorldWideWeb.

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Stephanie said...

I had to laugh at this one. When I bought our new car (back in 2005) I specificaly asked for it to have a tape deck, CD player and NO DVD player. The salesman thought that I was a bit nuts and said that I could drive a car home today if I just wanted a CD player and a DVD player. I told him I would wait.

Our library has pretty much converted over to CDs now so I have not had to use the tape player in quite awhile, but it was very handy for awhile. As a birthday present a couple of years back, I had them install a way to directly connect my ipod to the stereo. Best addition as we listen to tons of books on my iphone...