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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Things I want my children to know

I've been thinking about how short a time we have our children, and how much we want them to know before they leave our care. Our exchange student will be leaving soon, and my oldest son will be having his coming of age ceremony soon; both of which makes such concerns more urgent. We'll have had our exchange student for only 10 months and there so much I wish he could know. My oldest we will have for at least a few more years, and yet I know there's no way we'll have enough time with him.

Even though I want a good life for each of them - I find I have a different message for each. It's very different to write a letter to a child you've raised from birth and will have for a while longer than it is to write a letter to an adolescent you've only come to know recently, and whom you may not see again.

If you knew you were saying good-bye to a child, possibly forever, what would you want to say?

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