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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Moving right along

This is a new year.  (Thank goodness, good riddance to 2012)  It's also the start of a new adventure for us.  Firelord gets a sabbatical this year.  We are using it to live aboard a sail boat in the Virgin Islands for 6 weeks.  Woot! 

For you, dear reader, that means I may be posting less.  Internet on a sailboat is likely to be spotty.  Also, I may be communing with the fish, or fishing boys out of the ocean.  That said, if you want to keep up with us, I'm blogging about our sailing adventures here, at A Roving We Will Go

I could have posted here, at blatherings and bothering, I guess.  But somehow our sailing felt unique enough to merit it's own space.  I may still post here about our trip, as it relates to books, homeschooling or politics, or whatever else I can't shut up about.  The other blog will be to keep our friends and family up on our adventures, to share them with others who might care, and, perhaps most importantly, for us as time goes by.

Wish us safe travels!

May the wind bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks.

(misquoting Tolkien)

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Andrea said...

So awesome! It will be amazing!