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Friday, February 12, 2016


Dukkah - the suffering caused by attachment

You know that moment, or series of moments, when you see that so many things are changing? Not always bad change, but change from something you loved, enjoyed, appreciated?  Maybe things have changed and you just now noticed.

It happens so often, so regularly, you'd think we'd be used to it.
But I'm not. Not ever really.

I know that if I just released my attachments, I would not suffer.  But I choose to.  I choose that suffering of attachment.  I care, even if I could choose not to, I would still care. 

To not be attached, to not love, not appreciate, that is even a greater loss.
January sunrise - just a moment of color
Then, there are those moments where time stands still.  
Moments that mark - Before and After.  
Moments where nothing is ever the same again.  
I wish for you not to know those moments, but you will.  You have. 
It is the price we pay.  Entrance fee to humanity.

A child died.  She was so young.  So bright.  Her parents are my friends, and my heart aches.  There are no words for such a loss.  
Yet.  Yet.  I write anyway.
Her moments are gone.  Her light shown only briefly.  
It had beauty and shadow, and it is gone.

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Pam said...

<3 <3 <3 change is difficult and often bittersweet. And this is the hardest kind of change because it feels only bitter.