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Monday, August 8, 2016

June and July Books

Jack (The Tale of Frost), by Tony Bertauski

A Farewell to Arms, by Ernest Hemingway

 Not only did I not read much by way of books, I didn't keep track of them.  This is me trying to remember what I read....  crickets... sigh...

I have some excuse...
In June we were traveling for Firelord's second sabbatical.
In July we were back in Colorado, but off to family camp, teen camp, camping camp... and so on. 

I was reminded just last night about why I try to keep up a decent running list of what I've read.  I was remembering a wonderful short story I found in an anthology of time travel stories.  I couldn't remember the ending, and really wanted to read it again.  I also couldn't remember the name of the story, or the name of the author, or the name of the anthology.  Finally, after a few fruitless google searches I found the book: Synchronic, a book I'd received in a World Builders fund raiser box of books a couple of Christmas' ago.  Now that I know what I'm looking for, I have to search the house for the book.

This was the haunting story:
Reset (MeiLin Miranda)
Sandy’s best friend Catherine changed when she turned sixteen. She withdrew from life, and spent all her time drawing pictures of seven children she said would never exist. Thirty-four years later, Sandy finds out why.

I can't even describe how glad I am to know that I have a shot at finding the book at the library, if not somewhere in the house, but I would have found it sooner if I had listed on my blog!

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