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Friday, September 16, 2016

Dear World,

Be gentle with me today.  My heart is tender, my soul is tired, and my spirit is weary.

I love my children, I miss my son, I wish I could hold on to these tender and increasingly rare moments we have together.

So many times in the past I felt melancholy, bitter sweet, because that particular moment was so precious, everything was so very right, I wanted to hold on to it.  I knew I would miss it when it was gone.

I was right.

I miss having that little baby look up at me while he nursed.
I miss having that little hand holding tight to mine as he practiced walking.
I miss watching him learn, seeing the light of discovery in his face.
I miss listening to his ideas and plans, however impossible and impractical.

I miss that time when we were all everything to each other.

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