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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Colorado fieldtrips

Yesterday's visit to the Colorado State legislature has totally got me psyched about doing more field trips. Also, we've realized we've only got 3 more months with our exchange student, and we really haven't shown him enough (read "any") of Colorado beyond Fort Collins.

I've got a list of ideas, but I'm sure I'm missing some things. Can you make suggestions in the comment section of this post? And how to prioritize? Since he has to go to school, there's not enough time to get it all in!

Rocky Mountain National Park
Estes Park

Butterfly Pavilion
Hammond's Candy tour
Capitol Building tours
U.S. Mint tour
Downtown Aquarium
Denver Zoo (we did the zoo lights, but a lot of the animals were asleep!)
Denver Museum of Nature and Science
Denver Art Museum (we did the King Tut exhibit, but didn't have time to explore much)
Denver Botanic Gardens
16th Street Mall/Larimer Square/Tabor Center

Celestial Seasonings tour
Pearl Street Mall

Colorado Springs:

Cave of the Winds
Garden of the Gods
Air Force Academy Tour

Too far/wrong season, so we probably won't make it there with our exchange student but we'd still like to take the kids some year soonish:

Dinosaur National Monument
Mesa Verde National Park
Yellowstone National Park

Hmm... now I see part of the problem. We have our student for the school year. The weather, combined with his busy fall tennis season and regular school, just didn't give us as many options as we have in the summer and homeschooling year around.

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Sue said...

Thanks for the links on that list!
I'm half joking, but I do think it's really unique -- the Swetsville Zoo!

What about a mine tour? That's been on my list for a while. THe Mollie Kathleen mine tour by Colosprings gets great reviews on Trip Advisor, though I don't think it would work for anyone with claustrophobic leanings, from the description. I should ask Jill P what mines they've been to; she's mentioned one or two.