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Saturday, February 12, 2011

The History of US

Just this month I discovered Joy Hakim's "The History of US" on tape from our library. It's a children's history of the United States, but I'm enjoying it as much as the kids. :-)

I've mentioned before how well audio materials work for my RBers. We've listened to all sorts of great stuff, fiction and non-fiction. Listening in the car works for us. I have 3 RBed kids, 2 of which are very kinetic, and don't hold still for long. We also live outside of town, so have to drive a fair bit. Audio books help keep us occupied (although, for longer trips I still usually have to give them hand work as well, like modeling wax or crocheting).

Let me know of any good finds you know of. I wish I had found this one years ago!


Sue VanHattum said...

I don't know about history, but my son and I love audio books too. How old are yours? One of our favorites is books by Nancy Farmer, but they always have violence, and difficult material (parents not kind to kids, for example). We're listening to The Hobbit right now. (Lots of violence in that, too.) We both enjoyed Rules.

We get our audio books from the Berkeley Public Library, which has tons. If these suggestions work for you, I can recommend lots more (almost all fiction, though).

April said...

We get most our books and audio at the library too.

Right now my kids are 6,9, & 12. We like Nancy Farmer (Trolls, right?), as well as The Hobbit. Not sure if the younger two are ready for LOTR yet.

We like fiction and non fiction. A great source for non fiction is Recorded Books Modern Scholar lectures. You could almost give yourself a college education with those. :-)