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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Art for me!

A couple of weeks ago I found Totally Tangled waiting on my library hold shelf. I honestly don't remember how I came to put it on hold. I'm sure I found it while surfing the web or from a link from a friend, but I had totally forgotten about it until I checked it out. Now I'm hooked!

Look what I did!

But I like these better

And then I saw the one my husband did:


Here's some more tangled inspiration:

Tangle Patterns
Tangle Images
Video of Tangle Mandala (Zendala!)


Kelly said...

I love the Zen Tangles! I've been doing my own version lately too. It's fun!

April said...

Cool Kelly! They're addictive aren't they? :-)

Dennise said...

Oh I love the kitties! Where do I find your kale salad recipe?

April said...

Here's the Kale recipe: