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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Open Courseware

I was talking with my friend yesterday about how education is changing. I got to tell her about the Khan Academy and she got to show me a cool math book. Then we got to talking about other non-traditional sources for learning. The price of college is going up, and the value of many degrees is going down. That makes you consider lots of other options, or at least ways to be so well prepared for college that the money is well spent.

There's a whole new world of education opening up. There is no reason for anyone to remain uneducated. Once you can read and think, and have access to the internet, the world is yours.

NPR had a story recently on an Open Course from Standford. There are many articles and posts out there on the best sources of Open Courseware. I've started a page where I'm keeping track of Open Courseware, it's an ongoing project, so I can't promise they'll all be golden, but wow. This is a game changer.

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