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Thursday, February 2, 2012

January's Books

Wow! Finally, a really fun reading month.

I forgot how much I like Terry Pratchett. If you've got kids try reading Wee Free Men with them.

The Hunger Games trilogy is sheer crack. Once Bit Boy convinced me to read it (and I got the library's Nook Simple Touch it was on out of his hands) I blew threw it in days.

If you have a 10 year old boy, Lego Dude highly recommends Sir Givret the Short. I recommend it for any age. :-)

And, by the way, we have entered the 21st century. This year we have e-readers: 2 rooted nooks, 1 Kindle Fire, and 1 Nook Simple Touch. For the money, and as an e-reader, I recommend the Simple Touch. As an android, the Nook is pretty nice. I'm still enjoying my Kindle Fire, but it's the most work to get books on.

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