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Saturday, February 4, 2017

January Books

Yay!  I've been getting to read a bit more, again, finally.

I've been on a list serve that Tamora Pierce is on for years, and finally thought, maybe I should read her stuff.  Yes.  Yes I should.  This was a rolicking good read, with a nice strong female character who didn't need to be a pretty little thing to be noticed.

Robin McKinley is always worth reading.  Chalice immediately drops us into an entirely different world, sucks us in, and sweetly keeps us hooked.

Heinlein is a classic, and it's nice rediscovering all his stuff.

vN was not only a good read, but had some provocative ideas that I look forward to investigating in the rest of the series.

And, Connie Willis.... can't believe I didn't discover her until last year.  Bellweather is sci-fi, but barely, mostly it's a thoughtful and enjoyable piece about serendipity, or fate (depending on your perspective) and how discovery is generally messy and chaotic, except when it isn't.

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