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Saturday, April 8, 2017

February and March Books

I probably lost track of a couple of books from the last two months. Or maybe not.  It's been a bit crazy around here.

A Monster Calls is a beautiful heart breaking book, the kind I'm glad I read.  
Read Orphan Train a while back for a different book group, but didn't mind reading it again.  How I Live Now was one I just pulled off a shelf from the library, unexpectedly engrossing.  Robin McKinley is always worth reading, can't believe I haven't read everything she's done yet.  This Time Together was a light read, but I enjoyed the authors insight.

The Boys in the Boat was for book group, another I'm glad I read.  It also spurred me to find and watch "The Boys of 36" with HotDog.  Documentaries are some of our favorite ways to get our history.

Speaking of history, another favorite way to get it is audio books.  Hot Dog and I just finished listening to The Aviators.  He really enjoyed it!

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