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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

April Books

What a mixed bag this month's read were.  By far the children's books, The Poet's Dog and When You Reach Me were better than the others.

Confessions.... was a light fun read, really just a Jane Austin fan fantasy, and what's wrong with a little fun?
Diary... was another light read, but not as much fun.  Set in the contemporary south, this romance was distractedly white biased, so not as laid back a read as I had hoped.

On the other hand, The Poet's Dog was a sweet brilliant little book.  Enjoyable, and accessible, and one which I would suggest to any child and parent.

When You Reach Me was not as accessible, I'd suggest it for an older child or teen.  It's not scary or inappropriate, just a nice dense little plot twist that had me wanting to re-read it immediately.  It was suggested to me by my friend Karen, and she was right.  It's excellent.  Thanks Karen!

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