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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Algebra Fairy

I'm f*ck'n brilliant.  Woot.
Also, I am expert in embarrassing my children. 
Cha-Ching.  Point to Mom.

Bit Boy has developed the annoying habit of commanding me "Help me with this."  "This" being his algebra problem, that he hasn't even copied onto his note paper.  I'm sorry.  I can't help you if you're incapable of trying it on your own. At least copy the original problem onto your paper.  Good grief.  I know how to do algebra, I don't need to do it for you.  You need to do it for you.  And you need to at least try to figure it out on your own.  What original thought is going on if I set up every problem for you?

So, just now when Bit Boy pulled his "Can you help me with this?" and I asked "Have you copied the problem?"  and he said "No."

I said, "Then you'll have to ask the Algebra Fairy."

He rolled his eyes.  "How do I ask the Algebra Fairy?"

And I demonstrated "You put your pinky in your ear, like this" ( Left pinky in left ear)
"Then you hop in a circle flapping your hand like this"  (bunny hopping in tiny circle, right hand flapping like a dish rag held at elbow height)
"While you say (in a squeaky voice) "Algebra Fairy, Algebra Fairy, please help me!"

At which point he pulled out his android, and said "Google"  "Mom, how do you spell variable?"

Do I need a spelling fairy next?


Shawn Walter said...

Like google wouldn't fix his spelling for him. What kind of Bit Boy doesn't know that? Sheesh.


April said...

No, he totally knew google would help him if needed. He was yanking my chain, just as I was his. That seems to be how we currently display our affection for each other. :-/