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Monday, November 7, 2011

It's ok. Really.

Thanks so much friends. I had no idea y'all were actually reading this blog. You can stop worrying about me now. (insert Monty Python accent here please)
I got better.

Yes, I had a bad day, and I wrote about it, and I posted it. The only unusual thing was the posting bit. Bad days come, and then they go. That was the point of the post, that the bad days go just as often as they come.

I'm having a good day today. Do you want to know what a good day looks like?
Here's what we did today:

Folded a couple baskets of laundry
Check out facebook and find a new favorite mommy blog
Stark. Raving. Mad. Mommy. , lordy, I needed that today!
Went to the library

Got allergy shots for 3 kids and went to allergy doctor appointments for 2 kids got a thumbs up and one child will get to go to allergy shots every other week starting next month (Woot!)

Went to Discount Tires to have tires checked, they balanced the air in them and sent us on our way.
Took 3 bags of clothes and toys to the charity thrift shop.
Went to lunch w/ kids and husband. Said "hi" to 2 different folks from church there. (UUs are everywhere!)

Home for the afternoon, where another friend came to visit our foster kitten. She didn't end up adopting her, but the visit did prove that Kate is not demon spawn, just acting fierce at the shelter because she's so scared. So if you're interested in a playful kitten, who is good with a dog, cats, and kids, Kate's available for adoption through the Fort Collins Cat Rescue. But she's living at our house.

We dug the rest of the potatoes out of their bed, and I planted garlic there for next year. Wonder how that'll work?

Took 7 year old to his pottery class. He had very muddy shoes from the potato bed. Teacher noticed. Because it got all over the floor. Sorry about that.

Went back to Discount Tire to assure them that we needed more than air - they finally found a nail in the rear driver side tire and fixed it.
Took 1 very heavy box of children's book to used book store and got a lot of store credit for future use, read HP3 with 10 year old while we waited.

Picked up 7 year old from pottery, go home.
Dh comes back home from dropping 13 yo off at his fencing class
4/5 of us are home for dinner (thawed homemade chicken tortilla soup)

I leave to pick up 13 yo from his fencing class. It's the last of the series and he comes out sweating and carrying a king size bag of Twizzlers. It's the prize for winning the tournament! He's so happy. I love that. Also, I like Twizzlers, and there's a Mama tax on all candy.

We go home where I get to cuddle children while dh finished reading "Puck of Pooks Hill" aloud and then I get to read some more of HP3 w/ ds10. Then ds13, dh, and I go watch 2 Avatar episodes while I eat Twizzlers and the chocolate my husband gave me for our anniversary last month.

See? A good day.


Shawn Walter said...

Are you sure you're ok? I mean, you have chocolate left from a month ago. That's just crazy!


April said...

LOL! My secret is out.

I'm a hoarder. So long as I *know* I can have what I want when I want it, I usually don't want it right now. And it's really good chocolate, so it needs to be savored. Which I am totally doing. :-D