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Monday, November 21, 2011

No one likes talking about it, but we need to

The sexual abuse of children is real. It's epidemic. And it's not stopping. It won't stop as long as we are silent. It won't stop until we protect and believe the children. It won't stop until we own our obligation to our children as greater than any other obligation.

I usually don't do this, but Jennifer says it just fine. Go read this Blogging 'Bout Boys post.

She's got some important information to help you keep your kids safe from sexual predators.

I would add - believe your child. If your child tells you that something happened, believe them. Comfort and protect your child. Seek help and report the abuse.

Please, don't get trapped into worrying about what it says about you as a parent. It's not about you, and most perps are very, very good at grooming not only their victims but also the family that surrounds them.
They are very good at making it seem like you and your child are the problem. Remember your job. Protect your child.


Jennifer Fink said...

Thanks for the link! I popped over here b/c I saw the title of your post and I agree 100%: sexual abuse is important, and we NEED to talk about it.

Thanks for helping to get the conversation started.

April said...

I was glad to share the great info you had Jennifer. You've got some good stuff! :-)