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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Since we started homeschooling we've used the library even more than your average bibliophiles. Our library has a 100 book limit on each card, and we have occasionally needed more than one card to leave the library with all our selections.

I try not to buy books so much any more. Not only could I not afford to buy all the books we want to read, but we have quite literally thousands of books already. Despite a large room filled with wall to wall book cases, and book cases in every bedroom and hallway, we just don't have room for anymore.

Sometimes I find myself renewing a book the maximum number of times and then checking it out again. When I do that enough I can convince myself that, yes, maybe we should buy this book. "The Best Old Movies for Families" is one of those books. It has not only lots of great suggestions for movies I had forgotten about, or didn't ever know about, it also has enough description that I can gage whether my extra sensitive kids would be able to deal with the movie.

Teach with Movies is a website that has more suggestions. (Although it looks like it's geared to high school kids. Your mileage may vary.)

Media gets a bad rap, but really it's they way the media is used that is the issue, not usually the media itself. There are some excellent resources out there to help parents find the good stuff.

I'd love to hear about any resources you know about.


Sue VanHattum said...

Thank you! My son loves watching movies, and I have trouble thinking of movies I'd like him to see. I just bought the book, and I think it will be a huge blessing.

My favorite movie for us has been My Neighbor Totoro.

Sue VanHattum said...

I got the book. We watched Singin' In the Rain together the other night. (I paid amazon $3 to rent it online.)

Tonight I got Bringing Up Baby from Amazon. I like Hepburn, but it was way too sexist for me to want to keep watching. I suppose I should have known from the description.

I'll take his other recommendations with a grain of salt.

April said...

Have you watched "Destry Rides Again"? That was a find from the book that we loved.

The movies reflect the mores of their times, but it's a good opportunity to talk about what people thought then and what we think now, and how even then there were people who thought differently, but who weren't being represented in film (or books, or newspapers,...)

Sue VanHattum said...

Nope, I'll check it out.