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Friday, November 25, 2011


- So, I've been thinking... dh, ds13, ds10 & ds7 need some names. You know like those cute pseudonyms that some bloggers have for their kids. I ran this by the family. Here is what we came up with

dh= Firelord - this would because of his recent experiments with homemade gunpowder. Enough said. Really.

dh13 = bit-boy, geek boy, - but his voice has changed, he's taller than me, and wears bigger shoes than Firelord, so I'm thinking "boy" is a bit of a misnomer.

dh10 = Lego Boy, Lego Dude - I liked Wild Child or Tigger, but both are being used by other bloggers I read, so those don't feel original enough. (And Lego is?)

dh7 = chatterbox, Sir Chats-a-lot, Jabberwocky - but he wants Hot Dog. Why? I don't know.

Me? - the suggestions from the peanut gallery weren't so flattering - Nag Hag for one. Thanks guys. I'm thinking something like Mama Bear or Dragon Mama. (Maybe I'm over compensating?) Firelord suggest something with "music" in it. I've called myself a musical slut, but it's not a nick name I'd like to answer to regularly.

So, any suggestions? Be nice, 'kay?


Obery family said...

Sir Chats-a-lot! No wonder my youngest and your youngest get along so well. :)

Deanna said...

I make my children call me "O Great One."

Sometimes (when they are talking in their sleep) there isn't even a trace of sarcasm in the voice when they say it. :P

I like Firelord. Personally.

April said...

Deanna I wanted "Great Goddess, oh thou of beauty and knowledge" but I just don't have your presence.

Firelord likes Firelord too. Would you like to explain to a 7 yo why he's not allowed to play with daddy's gun powder? I'm trying to be patient with this phase...